Communication Policy

 Almeda Health Care understands the importance of effective communication to our staff, patients and visitors. When effective communication is accomplished, all parties feel satisfied, leaving no room for misunderstanding or alteration of messages, decreasing the potential for conflict.

 All team members of Almeda strive to be friendly, open – minded, able to demonstrate empathy towards our patients and listen attentively.

 During a patient consultation, we try not to disturb the doctor to allow the doctor to focus on the appointed patient. The guidelines Almeda have adopted with communicating with our patients are as follows:


Telephone Calls

Patient phone calls will not be transferred through to the doctor consultation room. The receptionist on duty will assess the situation to determine what action needs to be taken. Some situations may be put through to the practice nurse to determine the urgency or work out the best course of action.

Each clinician has a written communication chart where the receptionist completes whilst on the phone to the patient. The chart is completed with the patient details with a brief message. The receptionist will hand the chart to the appropriate clinician and when the message is completed either a “tick” or an “initial” is marked in the “done” column. Urgent messages will be acted on as soon as possible and non – urgent will be acted on twice a day (11am & 3pm).

 Almeda Health Care is unable to give the caller an exact time of response. However, for patients who are unwell and unable to present to the practice, a telephone consult is available for all regular patients during the Covid – 19 pandemics.

 In the event of an emergency, the staff will direct the caller to an ambulance by dialling “000” or to present Coffs Harbour Hospital, located on the Pacific Hwy. The telephone number for the Coffs Harbour Hospital is (02) 6656 7000.


Our practice will send a SMS text message with the consent from the patient via an electronic program known as “Healthengine”. This system is used to provide patients with appointments reminders, or to advise patients of non – urgent pathology results where a follow – up appointment may be required. Pathology results will not be given over the telephone unless it is the doctor who ordered the pathology. In the event when a patient is unable to be contacted after three (3) attempts, a letter will be sent via registered mail to the patient nominated address.


Faxes received that are patient related are imported directly into the patient’s file. These are then reviewed and actioned by the doctor. Any urgent related faxes are immediately handed to the doctor or if that doctor is not available our other doctor in the practice will review and action the fax.



Is not a secure form of communication and information could be compromised and accessed by someone other than the intended recipient? However, our practice will email on the request of the patient as a source of communication but no medical records or results will be emailed.

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Last Updated: 19/07/2021 by: Lee Oliver (Practice Manager)